GILD is unique. We are an Aesthetics Clinic and the UK’s largest Medical Aesthetics Training Academy. Our team of educators and practitioners are on a mission to improve the safety and standards in this industry for both our clients and students.

Aesthetics is where beauty meets science, and we know that continuous education is the only route to excellent results.

our story

GILD is the clinics brand from the team behind Harley Academy. Harley Academy is recognised for its pioneering approach to aesthetics training through accredited postgraduate qualifications. Our graduates are trained to the highest standards available and are the most sought-after aesthetics professionals around.

For our education to be most effective, our students learn in a working clinic environment. Our team have always devoted the same high standards of professionalism, care and attention to detail in our training clinics as in our private clinics. And so, it wasn’t long before Harley Academy had demand from clients who were on waiting lists for months to access our treatments.

GILD is the result of this demand. We have grown into more than a training academy and more than a clinic. We are here to change the way you access skin and beauty treatments forever.

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Our Ethos

Confidence is beautiful


We know that, whatever your age, you want your face to reflect the best version of you – happy, healthy, rested, and uniquely beautiful.

Ageing beautifully and maintaining healthy skin requires ongoing care. Our approach is therefore holistic and personalised so that we can achieve and maintain your best results over time.

We believe that skin and cosmetic treatments can be of real value to you when they help you to project health, energy and positive emotion. Our ethos is therefore to target skin first, and then to progress to injectable treatments that target ageing changes that may cause an appearance of tiredness, anger or sadness.

We love beauty, but we are more concerned with why you want to have these treatments and how they make you feel.


Because when you feel good, you look good.

Our team