Cheek Filler

What is cheek filler treatment?

Cheeks are the first area of the face to age, normally around our late twenties. They are also the supporting structure for the under-eye and the lower face and so weight loss or ageing changes in this area can have a significant result on your overall facial appearance.

That’s why cheek filler is our most commonly performed filler treatment – it can be used to lift the face, to sculpt the cheekbones, and to add a healthy-looking plumpness to the apple of the cheek.

How does chin contouring work?

Filler is strategically deposited using a small needle or a blunt tube called a cannula. Cheek filler is very versatile and each treatment is bespoke – the amount of filler used and how it is placed will vary according to your age and your desired outcome.

What about aftercare?

This treatment does not normally cause significant bruising or swelling. There is no social down-time and you can resume normal activities straight after treatment. You see instant results – but best results are 2-4 weeks after treatment.

How long does it last?

9 – 12 months


From £300

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