Chin Filler

What is chin filler treatment?

A balanced profile is created by assessing the proportions of the nose, lips and chin. This beautifying treatment is particularly suitable for those who naturally have a small, recessed, or poorly-defined chin. These small tweaks to the balance of your features can have a big impact on the overall harmony of your appearance.

How does chin filler work?

A relatively firm filler is used and is deposited using a small needle or a blunt tube called a cannula. This treatment can either define, enlarge, narrow or widen the chin as required according to an individual facial assessment.

What about aftercare?

This treatment does not normally cause significant bruising or swelling. There is no social down-time and you can resume normal activities straight after treatment. You see instant results – but best results are 2-4 weeks after treatment.

How long does it last?

9 – 12 months


From £300

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