Did you know that Cosmetic Injections can do this?

Botulinum Toxin is a naturally occurring chemical that relaxes muscle fibres and is commonly used as an anti-wrinkle treatment. Not many people know that these cosmetic injections can actually be used for a range of other interesting treatments…

Stop you from sweating

Tiny injections of Botulinum toxin temporarily stop your sweat glands from working and are used medically for patients with sweating disorders (this treatment is performed by the NHS in severe cases).  Cosmetically, this treatment is safe for anyone that wants to sweat less and can treat the underarm, scalp or hands. For more details have a look at Sweat Stop  HERE.

Create a pretty smile  

By subtly relaxing specific facial muscles botulinum toxin can create a smile with less gum show, more top lip show, more symmetry, less nostril flaring and a lifted nose tip. Some people use their nose muscle when they smile and over time this creates ‘bunny lines’ at the top of the nose which can also be reduced with these cosmetic injections.  

Slim your face

If you have a square face shape with a wide jaw and habitually grind or clench your teeth, you probably have large jaw muscles. By relaxing these muscles not only do your headaches and teeth grinding habits stop but your facial shape slims over time into a more feminine ‘v’.

Remove your ‘smokers’ lip lines

These vertical lines above the top lip are not only seen in smokers! They are usually treated most effectively with our dermal filler Lips  treatment, however, some people might find botulinum toxin more effective. If the lines only appear when you start talking and disappear when your lips are still then these cosmetic injections might work best for you.

Smooth your chin dimples

The dimply skin that some people have around the chin area is caused by the chin muscle pulling too tightly on the overlying skin. A very simple injectable treatment relaxes the muscle and smooths the dimples away.

Lift and smooth your neck

The neck muscle starts at the jawline and goes all the way down to the collar bones. Some people develop a tight neck muscle as they get older which causes the appearance of a less defined jawline and vertical bands on their neck which makes the area look aged.  This can be reversed by relaxing the neck muscle along these bands and along the jawline.

With love,

Dr Emily MacGregor

About the author

Emily is a medical doctor and a talented teacher with an array of medical & teaching qualifications. She writes and improves our Academy teaching content alongside her role as Clinical Director and Practitioner at GILD Clinic.