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Asked Questions

Gild Clinic

I’m interested in trying anti-wrinkle treatment, but will I look “frozen”?

The simple answer is NO.   The Wrinkle Relax treatment is bespoke which means that our practitioners adapt the dose of product according to your facial structure and your desired level of movement. Expressions that cause wrinkling of your forehead muscle will be reduced but not “frozen”. We recommend a natural-looking result.

Who are Harley Academy, and what is their connection with Gild Clinic?

Harley Academy is a nationwide training provider delivering postgraduate level qualifications in aesthetic medicine. Gild Clinic is part of the Harley Academy Group. This means that clients seeking treatment at Gild Clinic are treated by professionals undergoing the highest level of training available in the UK, under the close supervision of Harley Academy’s network of leading practitioners.

For more information please see the Harley Academy website.

Do I have to pay for my treatment beforehand?

You do not have to pay a deposit for before non-training clinic appointments. We do however charge a deposit for our training clinics; our students rely on clients attending their appointment slots in order to complete their qualifications.

Who delivers my anti-wrinkle and filler treatments?

Our treatments are carried out by some of the most talented practitioners in the industry. Our non-training clinics are lead by our clinic director and by Harley Academys leading practitioners and trainers.

Clients undergoing treatments in our training clinics are treated by existing medical professionals undertaking a postgraduate qualification in medical skin rejuvenation and cosmetic injectable treatments. Treatments are supervised by experienced aesthetic professionals who guide Harley Academy students to deliver the treatment to the highest possible standards.

Training Clinics

Where can I get cheap lip fillers?

By booking through GILD Clinic Training Clinics, you can get affordable but high-quality lip fillers in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham

I’ve booked my treatment, but what is actually going to happen on the day?

In the majority of our training clinic appointments there will be one Trainer and one student present. You will be seen in a clinic room and have a thorough consultation. You then decide if you are happy to proceed with the treatment which is performed by the student under direct supervision of the trainer. For more information on what happens on the day of your treatment please see our dedicated treatment page or give the clinic a ring. We will be happy to explain the process to you.

Can I have more than one treatment on the same day?

Yes – usually. For some treatments it is not advisable to have them together on the same day (e.g. most skin treatments and anti-wrinkle treatment). However dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatment can be performed on the same day.  In our training clinics there may be a limit to how much dermal filler treatment can be performed on the one session – please discuss with your GILD Clinic practitioner at consultation.


Is it safe?

Any medical procedure carries its associated risks, and all Gild Clinic clients are well informed of the possible side effects of receiving treatments prior to the procedure itself.

All our injectable treatments are carried out by experienced medical professionals and our training clinics are supervised by leading practitioners who have been running their own clinics for a number of years.

Although the price remains vastly lower than high street clinics, the quality and safety of your treatment remains at the highest standard.

How can your training clinic treatments be delivered at prices much lower than high street clinics?

Our training clinics can offer you low price anti-wrinkle and filler treatments because they are being performed in the context of medical training. This means that we are able to purchase high quality products at a reduced price and the costs of running the day are offset by the students course fees.