Jawline Contouring

What is jawline contouring treatment?

Our bone structure creates our facial shape, but as we age our facial bones lose their definition. Both men and women can benefit from defining the bony structures of the face; for women the ‘V’ shaped face with wide cheekbones, narrow chin and softly defined jawline is the hallmark of femininity. For men the square shaped face with a wide jaw, jutting cheekbones and square shaped chin signifies masculinity. Filler can be used to either subtly or dramatically enhance these bony structures to create the look you desire.

How does jawline filler work?

A relatively firm filler is used and is deposited using a blunt tube called a cannula. This treatment is surprisingly pain free and comfortable

What about aftercare?

This treatment does not normally cause significant bruising or swelling. There is no social down-time and you can resume normal activities straight after treatment. You see instant results – but best results are 2-4 weeks after treatment.

How long does it last?

9 – 12 months


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