Lip Filler

What is lip filler treatment?

Filler treatment can be used to plump, shape or smooth the lips. It is suitable both for beautifying and volumising young lips and for reducing the signs of ageing in older lips. Our medical practitioners assess and treat the whole mouth area including the fine lines, mouth corners and cupids bow to keep your lips looking natural, every time.

How does lip augmentation work?

A soft hyaluronic acid filler is used so that the look, movement and feel of your lips remains natural. The treatment is quick and made comfortable with the addition of anaesthetic cream prior to injection. You see instant results – but best results are 2-4 weeks after treatment.

What about aftercare?

After treatment you may experience 24-48 hours of lip swelling and minor bruising. From the day after treatment this can be covered by make-up. Results can last for a varying amount of time according to individual factors.

How long does it last?

9 months



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Results: Lip Filler Treatment


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