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How much do you really know about lip filler? And what should you expect from the results? Our guest editor Kamara from euriental has got you covered.

Lip fillers are one of the most commonly-requested treatments but can be the most difficult to get right. Imperfect results in the lip can also be more obvious than in other areas. Though the phrase ‘lip fillers’ is synonymous – in many people’s minds – with images of what some may refer to as a “plastic” look, there is actually a lot more to them than just helping young women to achieve their dream Kylie Jenner pout. Done carefully and with a professional, qualified practitioner, getting lip fillers can be a quick and relatively simple method of enhancing what one already has; in fact, they can even help to ‘fix’ lip unevenness and lift drooping corners.

Firstly, I feel it’s important to dispel the notion that having them automatically equates to looking – for lack of a better term – fake. The best way I know how to do that is to share my own experiences with them.

I first had lip fillers done 3 years ago. I had two main concerns when I considered getting them done for the first time. One – are they safe? And two – would I still look natural? The fact is, once I actually went ahead and had my lips injected (and each time since), nobody has ever assumed I’ve had them done and has subsequently been surprised if the topic is brought up. The best improvements, in my humble opinion, are the ones that help create more balanced and symmetrical features without being obvious to an outsider.


Fillers are a lot more multifaceted than just a means to inflate one’s lips. Yes, they can increase overall lip volume so that your pout looks fuller – and why not, if that’s your beauty ideal? More than that though, fillers can:

  1. a) improve the shape of your lips by elevating the corners of your mouth to create a more pleasant resting facial expression
  2. b) help to define the vermillion borders if your lips tend to fade into your skin colour
  3. c) help to balance out your lips if your upper lip is much thinner than your lower

…and so on.


  1. Start with less than you think you need. Don’t rush in and opt immediately for the maximum amount possible – it’s a lot more reasonable (and more natural-looking!) to start conservatively. Let your lips heal and then decide if you’re happy with the result or if you do wish to return and get a little more filler. I’ve known people who have gone straight for 2 ml (two full syringes) when their lips were quite small to begin with and ended up looking a little bit overdone with uneven lips. The amount needed will also vary person to person, depending on your current lip volume and whether you’ve had fillers before and how much is remaining. It can take up to 4 weeks for your lips to heal and for swelling to reduce completely, so if more than 4 weeks have passed and you feel like your lips aren’t quite where you hoped they would be – go back for more! It’s always better to start with less and build up than to dive right in and realise you’ve gone too far.
  2. Educate yourself first. Lip fillers are as safe as any other procedure, from tattooing to microblading … but just as with any other procedure, there is always a potential risk of adverse reaction or human error. For this reason, I can’t stress enough how vital it is to use a licensed doctor, nurse or dentist and ensure that you are completely comfortable with your chosen practitioner and clinic. Do your research and choose someone who you trust. Ask them questions and explain thoroughly what you are hoping to achieve with fillers. It especially helps to show photos of your desired look. Make sure they are happy for you to return should you have any side effects such as lumps that don’t disappear, pain, bruising that lasts longer than expected, etc.
  3. Finally, manage your expectations. Don’t expect miracle results – if your lips are very thin to begin with, it might not be feasible to expect an Angelina Jolie pout. Your results will depend on a number of factors, from the doctor or nurse who injects you to the individual shape and volume of your natural lips. Also remember that lip fillers use hyaluronic acid, which is naturally occurring in our bodies and is metabolised (i.e. broken down) over time. This means the effects won’t last forever – within anywhere between 4 – 9 months you will need ‘topping up’ if you wish to maintain your plumper pout. Don’t expect to completely alter the shape of your lips – you’ll likely be left disappointed. However if what you are looking for is to enhance, improve or simply add some volume to the lips you already have, fillers can be a fantastic option.

In my case, having fillers has given me a little more confidence to go out without makeup. I feel more attractive, more feminine and – yes – even sexier. The best part of all? Nobody guesses I’ve had fillers. Which, to me, is kind of the point.

By Kamara 

(Euriental – Guest Editor)

About the author

Kamara is the writer for the blog Euriental. Euriental was created as an outlet for her fashion infatuation and luxury travel experiences, a way for her to document her personal style and life. She is a regular client and guest writer for GILD Clinic.