Everything you need to know about the non-surgical nose job

What is a non-surgical nose job?

A non-surgical nose job, also called a Liquid Rhinoplasty, uses filler to reshape the nose. It is a relatively new treatment that is gaining popularity very quickly due to its extremely minimal downtime when compared to the traditional surgical rhinoplasty.  This is one of my favourite treatments to perform because it creates immediate results that can dramatically enhance the facial profile.  For suitable candidates, this treatment really is a game-changer!

Using fillers to get a nose correction without surgery

Tiny amounts of filler are used to straighten the bridge of the nose and, if necessary, to lift the nose tip. At GILD Clinic we only use cannulas (blunt tubes) for this treatment which makes the procedure safer and more comfortable compared to using a needle. The non-surgical nose job time is ten minutes and the results are immediate,  lasting approximately 1 year. In fact, most people notice that after their second treatment the results last significantly more than 1 year. One other important point to know is that this treatment does not prevent you from exploring the option of a surgical nose-job in the future, if that is your preference.

a non-surgical or surgical rhinoplasty?

The non-surgical nose job may be suitable for you if are unhappy with the appearance of your nose from a side profile view. If you have a ‘bump’ on the bridge of your nose or if you have noticed the tip of your nose start to droop as you have got older, then a liquid rhinoplasty can make your nose appear straighter and smaller. It does this in a similar way that highlighting makeup does; it creates a light reflection line that brings the illusion of slimness from the front – very clever!

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