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Showing 5–5 of 5 results

Chiseled & Sharp

Cheekbone & Jawline Definition

Our bone structure creates our facial shape, but as we age our facial bones lose their definition. Both men and women can benefit from defining the bony structures of the face, albeit in subtly different ways. For women the ‘V’ shaped face with wide cheekbones, narrow chin and softly defined jawline is the hallmark of femininity. For men the square shaped face with a wide jaw, jutting cheekbones and square shaped chin signifies masculinity. Filler can be used to either subtly or dramatically enhance these bony structures to create the look you desire.

  • For men & women
  • Immediate results
  • No downtime
  • Price: From £550


Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Targeted - Treat

Targeted Wrinkle Relax has both a treatment and a preventative effect. The results can be very subtle or more dramatic depending on your facial structure, your age and your preference.

  • Price: £250 for up to three areas (forehead, frown and smile lines)

Stimulate Scar Smoothing

We use a combination approach to smooth and reduce scar tissue, typically caused by old acne lesions. This treatment combines intense microneedling with an injectable scar smoothing solution and a powerful retinol home care product.

  • Available following consultation and assessment
  • Price: £1050 for 6 treatments (required)

Daily Care

Medical Skin Care