Plexr Eyelid Lift

Plexr offers a safer and more cost-effective way of tightening and lifting loose skin around the eyes. It is also referred to as ‘non-surgical blepharoplasty’ and is a popular alternative to eyelid surgery.

It is an ablative device that uses a no-heat no-light energy form, plasma, to stimulate the skin. This treatment is ideal for those with ‘hooded’ upper eyelids who have noticed the skin fold accentuate with age. It can also be used around the under eye area to reduce the fine crinkly lines that are so hard to treat with other treatment modalities. Plexr treatment changes the skin cells and so does not wear-off the way that other treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections do and results can last 3 years or longer.

Additional Info

  • Once every 8 weeks, 2-3 treatments required
  • Down-time 5-10 days (peeling)
  • Suitable for caucasian skin type
  • Price: (Introductory offer until  30th April) £600 for a course of 3

Price includes aftercare product and camouflage make-up
Normally £550 for a course of 2, £700 for a course of 3, £200 for a single top-up treatment.

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