Retinol Peel

What is a retinol peel?

The Neostrata Retinol Peel is a medical-grade treatment that resurfaces the outer skin layer, unblocks pores, lightens areas of irregular pigmentation, and reduces acne breakouts.

How does a retinol peel work?

Retinol is well known for its properties as an an acne treatment and a wrinkle buster. In this product it is combined with potent amino acids and antioxidants for further skin rejuvenating effects. This peel is unique in that it is completely comfortable with no stinging – the product is applied in clinic and then washed off at home up to 12 hours later. This means that you can decide how intense you want your treatment to be by washing it off at either 4, 8 or 12 hours.

What about aftercare?

On the day of treatment the skin looks completely normal, however it must be kept make-up free afterwards. The treatment works over the following week, with light skin peeling experienced on Day 3-5. Included in the treatment price is a supply of aftercare lotion that is designed to work with this peel so that your skin gets the most out of the treatment.

Retinol peels work best as a 6-8 weekly treatment and course of at least 2 is required for good results. When combined with retinol home products the results of a course of retinol peels will last you a year or so as long as there is no additional skin damage. For best results we recommend a course of 4 peels annually (in winter).



£399: course of 3

Prices includes home aftercare product

Results: Retinol Peel Treatment


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