Smokers Lines

What are lips lines?

‘Smokers Lines’ is a name commonly used for the lines that appear around the lips as you get older. They are caused by the repetitive muscle action around the mouth (e.g. smoking) and by thin overlying skin. These lines are not just seen in smokers!

How does smokers lines treatment work?

A very soft dermal filler is used to plump the skin and reduce or remove these lines. The skin is numbed with anaesthetic cream and then a series of tiny injections are used to do this. For best results combine this treatment with lip filler to give support to the mouth area and reduce these lines further.

What about aftercare?

Often there is some redness and mild bruising for a few days after this treatment. Make-up can be used to cover up from the following day.

How long does it last?

9 months – 1 year




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