Training Clinic

Become a cosmetic model: unlock safe & affordable beauty treatments

GILD Clinic Training Clinics are a national network of teaching clinics in partnership with Harley Academy. Harley Academy is the UK’s largest Cosmetic Medical School and is a pioneer of quality education.

How does it work?

• Injectable treatments are half the cost of our standard clinic – from £150 (Dermal filler lip treatment of 0.6ml for £100 is available in our London training clinic).

Anyone can be cosmetic model in our training clinics (providing you are suitable to the selected treatment type).

• All treatments are performed by healthcare professionals (doctors, dentists and nurses) under the close supervision of our expert trainers.

• There is no limit to the number of appointments for cosmetic models.

• Medical grade skin treatments are also available in our monthly skin & chemical peels training clinics in London. These treatments start at £40.

What are the benefits?

Being a model for GILD Clinic is a great option for those who want the reassurance and safety of being treated by a medical professional but at a very affordable price.  Our treatments are discounted because you will be treated by a Harley Academy’s trainee OR you will be treated by an expert practitioner whilst being observed by trainees.

Another benefit of visiting our training clinics is that you will learn something too! During your consultation you will hear our trainers explaining the treatments in detail whilst they are teaching – many of our model clients really enjoy and value this part of the process.

What products do you use for treatments?

We use BOTOX®️ for anti-wrinkle and JUVÉDERM®️ for dermal filler treatments. We are committed to using the highest quality products for all treatments at GILD Clinic.

Treatment List

Injectable treatments from £150 per ml.

Please note that 0.6ml lip filler treatments are available in our London Training Clinic for £100.

Check out our full clinic price list here.

Skin treatments from £40

Glycolic Facial

Alumier Glow Peel*

TCA Peel*



*Only available in training clinic masterclass

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