TCA Peel

What is a TCA peel?

TCA Peels are an intense resurfacing treatment that are particularly suitable for ageing and sun-damaged skin and for achieving transformative results in a short time-frame. The ‘strength’ of the peels can be customised according to your skin type and preference and for best results this treatment can be combined with microneedling.

How does a TCA peel work?

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) which is a well known peel ingredient that is used to improve fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, uneven pigmentation, and “age spots”. The formulation that we use is by the international brand SkinTech, whose TCA products are regarded as the safest, most effective and most comfortable available. The peel ingredients work by directly stimulating the deeper layers of the skin as well as removing (via peeling) the damaged skin cells at the surface.

What about aftercare?

On the day of treatment the skin looks glowy and occasionally mildly flushed. It must be kept clean and make-up free and we recommend minimal make up during the following few days. Visible peeling starts on day 3 and may continue for 5 days.

Included in the treatment price is a supply of aftercare lotion and protective home care products that are designed to work with this peel so that your skin gets the most out of the treatment.

If you maintain good skin care and skin protection following a course of TCA peels you will find that the results last you years. For best results we recommend a one-off intense course of treatment of 4-6 peels at weekly intervals. This peel type is designed to be performed weekly in a short burst of treatment OR monthly when combined with microneedling.


The price includes home skin product worth over £65

*One additional TCA peel is offered without charge in our training clinic when you purchase a course of treatment.


£399: course of 3

Also available in Training clinic


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