Read what Erin thought about getting lip filler treatment at GILD Clinic.

"What I’m hoping to get out of today is definitely a confidence boost."

“My expectations were that it was going to hurt a lot and it actually didn’t. I was really surprised. You get a numbing cream on top and that sit for about 5 minutes. I couldn’t really feel anything it was great. The doctor talked me through what he was doing. Rather than going straight in and doing what he thought was right he asked me what I would like, so I showed him some pictures. I was really really impressed. It was a lot better than what you read online.

If you’re considering it just do it. It wouldn’t have been something I thought I would have come and done because I was so nervous about it. Now that I’ve done it I don’t regret it at all.”


Read what Debbie thought about getting marionette line & nasolabial fold filler treatment at GILD Clinic.

"I had high expectations coming to the clinic but I have to say they’ve exceeded that completely."

“Absolutely amazing. I thought that Dr Emily was really informative, a really relaxed atmosphere everything was just perfect for me. I had high expectations coming to the clinic but I have to say they’ve exceeded that completely.

I think that Dr Emily was totally professional in the way that she explained everything, reassured me all through the work that she did for me and a really relaxed atmosphere. I would definitely recommend it highly. I think if you look round at other aesthetics companies, once you’ve been to GILD Clinic, you see that all the information they give you is informative, true to how they advertise and I think a really good experience.”

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