Wedding Season: top tips for wedding day prep

As the summer starts the wedding season is once again in our minds.  If you’ve recently become engaged and are preparing for up and coming nuptials, Dr. Emily is here to give you and your bride tribe her top tips for wedding day prep:


My first piece of advice in preparing your skin for your big day is to give yourself more prep time than you think. You ideally want to trial your wedding look well in advance and remember that some treatments take a while to reveal their full effects.

Home skincare, clinic treatments and injectables can all be used to beautiful effect to get you looking your best but they must be timed right!


Skin care routine

This is a no brainer and not just for wedding season. Good quality skin care can make a world of difference but do allow 12 weeks for best results to show. I always recommend a full skin analysis with a skin specialist so they can advise you which products would best suit your skin; everyone is unique and therefore so should their skin care be.


Peels and microneedling

If you want to ‘sparkle like Markle’ a course of skin peels and/or microneedling is a great way to exfoliate the surface layers and plump the deep layers of the skin. This gives you a smooth even texture as well as helping reduce fine lines.  If you have a specific skin concern that you want fixing, such as acne or pigmentation, I recommend that you begin treatment 6 months before the wedding.


Anti wrinkle injections (Botox)

A great way to smooth out forehead, frown and eye area wrinkles.  Botox takes 2-4 weeks to work so if you have this treatment regularly then top up 4 weeks before the wedding. If you are new to it then have treatment 6 months in advance so you can trial the results (it lasts approximately 4 months), and then re-treat 4 weeks before with any minor tweaks to ensure it is as perfect as can be. For newbies I recommend starting with a low dose to ensure a natural, subtle result. Not everyone knows it but this treatment can also be used to prevent underarm sweating which is ideal to stay fuss free on a summer wedding day!



Fillers are increasingly popular part of wedding beauty prep for both brides and mothers of brides. The options are endless and an expert opinion here is invaluable. Treatment results are instant but filler looks its best 4 weeks later when it is fully integrated smooth and soft. For more transformative treatments allow the possibility of 2 sessions over a 4 week period so its best to consider filler at least 8 weeks before the day.



In the weeks leading up to your wedding the best thing you can do is RELAX!  Stress can play havoc with your skin so take it easy, exercise, cut down on sugar and drink plenty of water. Preparing for the big day is important but no amount of treatments will compensate for a stressed out sleep deprived bride! So be kind to yourself and enjoy the process 🙂

About the author

Emily is a medical doctor and a talented teacher with an array of medical & teaching qualifications. She writes and improves our Academy teaching content alongside her role as Clinical Director and Practitioner at GILD Clinic.