What is the best age to start having cosmetic treatments?

What age?

The wide range of cosmetic treatments available these days can be confusing!

This little guide will help you to work out the best treatments for your age.

In your 20’s

This is the time to start properly looking after your skin. The accumulation of environmental damage and early ageing changes means that your skin quality dramatically changes between age 20 and age 30. You’ll thank yourself later if you start preventative skin treatments now!  

In your 30’s

In your 30’s you’ll notice your first wrinkles appearing. This is the best time to start anti-wrinkle treatment – at this age the treatment results are very natural looking and also provides some preventative effects for the future. Don’t wait for deep wrinkles to arrive to start treatment!

In your 40’s

In your 40’s you’ll notice your face shape starts to change – becoming flatter and less rounded in the cheeks and fuller and heavier around the jawline (jowls!). Dermal filler is a fantastic treatment for this age group as it can create a lifting effect. To create lift you need more filler in total than you do to soften a line or plump lips. Our guide is ‘1ml per decade’ for best results – 2-3mls if you are in your mid-late 30s and 3-4mls if you are in your 40s.

In your 50’s

Both anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatment works well for those in their 50’s, however in this age range a ‘less is more’ approach is advised. To look age-appropriate some soft lines and folds are necessary and the ‘frozen look’ is not a good idea!


For women, the menopause has a big impact on skin – you may notice significant thinning, and laxity changes at this time. Collagen stimulating treatments such as microneedling are great at combating this.

In your 60’s and beyond

At GILD Clinic we have seen clients aged 20 – 90!  It’s never too late to look after your skin and facial appearance. Skin quality becomes the most important treatment goal in those age 60+ as it has the most impact on whether you look healthy and well for your age.  Dermal fillers are also frequently used in the 60’s age group as they can provide a subtle lifting of the lower face which offers a great alternative to a surgical face lift (e.g. our liquid lift).

Remember, this is just a guide – your skin and ageing process will be totally unique to you so come and ask us for our recommendation for best results.

With love,

Dr Emily MacGregor


About the author

Emily is a medical doctor and a talented teacher with an array of medical & teaching qualifications. She writes and improves our Academy teaching content alongside her role as Clinical Director and Practitioner at GILD Clinic.