Your Top Skincare Questions Answered

Our Skin Guru Maja Tells All


What’s your skincare background and your role at GILD Clinic?

I’ve been interested in skin for as long as I can remember but it became my true passion when I began studying Cosmetology and Cosmetic Science. This led to me graduating from Medical University and becoming a medical aesthetician. At Gild Clinic, I am a full-time lead aesthetic practitioner.


What’s the best treatment for acne skin?

First of all we need to remember that in terms of acne there isn’t one specific treatment plan which everyone can follow. Acne is a very individual and difficult skin problem to understand and treat. Sometimes finding out the cause of someone’s acne can take months.

A good daily skincare regime is essential as it creates the foundation for future professional treatments in a clinic. Some patients may require oral antibiotics or topical medications alongside a skincare plan.


Is it best to stick to just one or combine several skin treatments?

Personally, to ensure the best patient results I love to combine different treatments together. The more experienced and knowledgeable the practitioner the more treatment combinations you can create!


Can you have a chemical peel if your skin is sensitive?

Absolutely! There are a few active ingredients in peels which can be applied on sensitive skin. However, I would start with understanding why you have sensitive skin and what triggers it, which is why a consultation with me is always required.


What are your top 3 skincare tips?

Prevention, prevention and prevention! Please don’t wait until your skin is showing prominent signs of ageing, your pigmentation has become darker or your acne is spreading from your face to a different area of your body. I would like to invite everyone for a free skin consultation where I can give you bespoke tips on how to take care of you skin and how to keep it healthy and happy.

Oh.. I forgot! There is one more tip- please don’t think that botox or dermal filler will fix all your skin problems! Those should be just an addition to an amazing skincare regime.


And finally- what’s your favourite skin treatment and why?

My favourite one is definitely Microneedling! Remember when I mentioned that my gold standard rule is prevention? Well, this treatment will not only prevent the ageing process but it will also stimulate your fibroblasts to produce more collagen. The result? Less fine lines, smooth skin structure, smaller pores, less acne scarring and healthy glowing skin.

About the author

Maja is a highly skilled lead aesthetic practitioner and trainer who specialises in skin rejuvenation treatments.